Features & Benefits

Everything you need to build a membership business.



Control your brand

Members will never know you're using MemberStack. Customize your logo, color, and fonts with ease.

Hidden Content

Restrict content without writing code

Keep casual web goers from accessing content on your site (Not recommended for highly sensitive information).

Free Memberships

Code free user accounts

Give your fans, members, employees, etc. access to gated content in exchange for an email and password.

Free Templates

Jumpstart your next project

Duplicate an entire memberships site in a few minutes. Kick start your next project.

Single Charge Memberships

Offer limited or lifetime access

Maintain your pricing structure or increase total sales by offering non-recurring memberships in addition to recurring plans.

Free Trial Memberships

Offer free trials

Give you audience a taste of your product or service before they purchase.

Multi-Currency Support

Sell in 80+ currencies

Accept payments in (basically) any currency. MemberStack can accept payments in most major currencies.

User-specific Pages

Create user-specific dashboards

Build personalized pages on your site that are only available to one member. Perfect for clients, businesses, and other high value members.

Password Reset Modal

Automate mundane tasks

Let members reset their old/forgotten passwords anytime. There's nothing for you to build, patch, or update ever!

Profile Portal

Let members manage themselves

Let member manage themselves with easy access to their information, billing history, and current membership.

Checkout and Upgrade

Safe, secure, and simple payments

Make it as easy for folks to signup, upgrade, and renew their subscription right from your website.

Personalized Content

Create unique user experiences at scale

Personalize every user's experience with information they provide during signup, or data you add later on.

Developer API

Focus on features, not instrastructure

Build sophisticated web applications and user experiences without needing to maintain a back end.

Paid Memberships

Accept recurring payments

Generate recurring income by billing your members every week, month, or year.

Membership Coupons

Reward your newest and/or most loyal members

Run promotions, drive more sales, and offer discounts to your newest or most loyal members.