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Instant Paywalls & Members-only Content

Create free or paid memberships, tease content, offer tiered access, lock down entire pages, and more. Reward your audience with free stuff, manage your users, and monetize your content.

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Gate site content in minutes

Use Memberstack to unlock digital content for members, employees, users, clients, etc.

Create a personalized experience

Installing Memberstack on your website is as easy as copy/pasting a snipped of code, connecting the right buttons to sign up & login forms, and selecting which pages you want to unlock once a user logs in. 
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Lock site content with a single line of code

Memberstack is fully compliant and can be used pretty much anywhere in the world. We now have customers in almost every continent! 
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Hide content for members or non-members

Members data, such as email and password, are secured using industry best practices. Memberstack uses HTTPS, meaning data between websites and our services is always encrypted. Data stored in our database is encrypted at rest.  
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Require Javascript to view content

Set a primary colour, upload your company's logo, select an image, update your font and you're ready to go! Memberstack looks and feel just like the rest of your site. You have complete design control over every detail of your site.
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Data is secure & encrypted

Your users can manage their own profiles. Memberstack comes with a plug-and-play profile UI that lets members take complete control over their own data. They can easily access and update their profile information, reset their password, view their billing history and manage their current membership details. 
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Trusted by the community

Used by over 8,000 companies & creators from around the world.


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up-time with encrypted, secure & compliant data practices.
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Primary use cases
for User Accounts

Learn how others are adding user accounts to their websites.

Let users sign up for free memberships.

Reward your users, followers, and fans with free-to-access, members-only content.

Build a subscription business without writing any code.

Sell premium subscriptions from your website without writing code or expensive developers.

Go to market as quickly as possible.

Share your product or service with the world in less time. Validate your ideas and start making money from day one.

Build and validate your web application more quickly.

Add payments and user accounts to your web applications in days, not months.

Trade content for contact information.

Gate content on your site and allow members to sign up with  their contact info.

Charge monthly or yearly membership dues.

Collect membership dues and restrict access to members-only content with your favorite website builder.

Build custom subscription box websites

Integrate with 3rd party shipping and tracking services via Zapier to bring your subscription box product to market as quickly as possible.

Let users experience your product first-hand, for free.

Give away limited access to your product, service, or members-only area. No clunky back-ends or coding required.

Create high value UI's for high value users.

Build user-specific pages on your site that are only accessible to one employee, customer, client, etc.

Turn your website into a membership business.

Build a profitable membership business around your videos, blog posts, courses, product, services, etc.

Create "employee only" areas on your website.

Restrict access to sections of your site, and only grant access to authorized employees, partners, users, etc.