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Integrate & sync member data
with your favorite tools & apps

Use Memberstack as your source of truth to sync and update member data with your favorite applications via Zapier, webhooks, APIs, or directly into your products using our Backend API.

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Use your favorite tools to build web apps in a fraction of the time.

Pick a front-end, connect it to you favorite tools via Zapier, webhooks, or an API.

A single source of truth

No more trying to manage member data across different spreadsheets, platforms and applications. Use your Memberstack dashboard to easily secure, access and use all your crucial member data in one place.
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Connect with over 2000 apps

Zapier is a tool that allows you to create simple automations by sending and receiving data from over 2,000 apps. Memberstack directly integrates with Zapier, so you can create automations so that “When a new member signs up on my website, add them to a Mailchimp segment and launch a welcome-email campaign.”
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Custom front-end integrations

Have a unique workflow that you want to build into your web application? The Memberstack Front-End API allows you to customize even more by getting, updating, saving, or retrieving member information or metadata through Javascript.
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Custom back-end integrations

Use webhooks to send automated messages or information between apps — allowing them to "talk" to each other each time a specific event happens. Memberstack offers webhooks for events such as when a member is created, updated, deleted or removed from a membership plan. You can use webhooks with incredible automation tools like Integromat, or in your own custom web app.
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Connect with a CMS of your choice

You can install Memberstack on custom-built websites or on site-builders such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow & Wix. We often see Memberstack being connected to applications such as Mailchimp, Drip, Airtable, etc. through Zapier or Integromat webhooks.
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Setup automations to help you scale

Our goal is to give you as much flexibility as you need — to send, receive, or update your member data not only from within the Memberstack dashboard, but also through other tools that your online application or business needs to run effectively.
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Code as little or as much as you like

Our community has built a range of web apps & services with Memberstack — ranging from simple projects to complex web apps supporting hundreds of thousands of members. You can join our Slack community or Forum to explore what you can build with a combination of Memberstack and other web tools that you love working with.
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Customers using Stripe + Memberstack

Learn how others are adding user accounts to their websites.

Let users sign up for free memberships.

Reward your users, followers, and fans with free-to-access, members-only content.

Build a subscription business without writing any code.

Sell premium subscriptions from your website without writing code or expensive developers.

Go to market as quickly as possible.

Share your product or service with the world in less time. Validate your ideas and start making money from day one.

Build and validate your web application more quickly.

Add payments and user accounts to your web applications in days, not months.

Trade content for contact information.

Gate content on your site and allow members to sign up with  their contact info.

Charge monthly or yearly membership dues.

Collect membership dues and restrict access to members-only content with your favorite website builder.

Build custom subscription box websites

Integrate with 3rd party shipping and tracking services via Zapier to bring your subscription box product to market as quickly as possible.

Let users experience your product first-hand, for free.

Give away limited access to your product, service, or members-only area. No clunky back-ends or coding required.

Create high value UI's for high value users.

Build user-specific pages on your site that are only accessible to one employee, customer, client, etc.

Turn your website into a membership business.

Build a profitable membership business around your videos, blog posts, courses, product, services, etc.

Create "employee only" areas on your website.

Restrict access to sections of your site, and only grant access to authorized employees, partners, users, etc.