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Get setup in minutes, accept recurring payments, let members manage themselves, sell in your local currency, offer limited or lifetime access, give coupons to loyal customers and more.

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Safe & secure payments

Connect a Stripe account, install Memberstack, and start signing up members today.

Accept recurring payments

Generate recurring income by choosing when to bill your customers. One-time, lifetime, weekly, monthly, yearly, or whatever works best for your business. 
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Automate mundane tasks

There are dozens of little problems you shouldn't have to worry about. For example: without any setup work from you,  members can reset their old or forgotten passwords at any time. There's nothing for you to ever build, fix or update! 

Let members manage their payments

Members can manage themselves with easy access to all their information, billing history and current membership plan. 
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Make sales in your local currency

Memberstack can accept payments in most major currencies making it easy for you to sell wherever you want. 
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Sell limited or life-time access

Maintain your pricing structure or increase total sales by offering non-recurring memberships in addition to recurring plans. 

Create and manage coupons

Run promotions, drive more sales and offer discounts to your newest or most loyal customers! 
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Offer free trials

Let your customers test your product or service before they purchase. 
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Low-friction checkout & upgrade

Make it as easy as possible for your customer to sign-up, upgrade and renew their membership right from your website. 

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Customers using Stripe + Memberstack

Learn how others are adding user accounts to their websites.

Let users sign up for free memberships.

Reward your users, followers, and fans with free-to-access, members-only content.

Build a subscription business without writing any code.

Sell premium subscriptions from your website without writing code or expensive developers.

Go to market as quickly as possible.

Share your product or service with the world in less time. Validate your ideas and start making money from day one.

Build and validate your web application more quickly.

Add payments and user accounts to your web applications in days, not months.

Trade content for contact information.

Gate content on your site and allow members to sign up with  their contact info.

Charge monthly or yearly membership dues.

Collect membership dues and restrict access to members-only content with your favorite website builder.

Build custom subscription box websites

Integrate with 3rd party shipping and tracking services via Zapier to bring your subscription box product to market as quickly as possible.

Let users experience your product first-hand, for free.

Give away limited access to your product, service, or members-only area. No clunky back-ends or coding required.

Create high value UI's for high value users.

Build user-specific pages on your site that are only accessible to one employee, customer, client, etc.

Turn your website into a membership business.

Build a profitable membership business around your videos, blog posts, courses, product, services, etc.

Create "employee only" areas on your website.

Restrict access to sections of your site, and only grant access to authorized employees, partners, users, etc.