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The following was transcribed from a recorded conversation. Any spelling or grammar mistakes are the fault of Memberstack and not the original speaker.

Please tell us a story about how Memberstack has influenced your life and business

It's simple, cost effective and works! The problems of manual admin are reduced using this system which frees us up to actually engage with our members properly. 

What did you do before Memberstack? 

We would have had to pay to create a new system which was prohibitively expensive. 

Who uses AceLadyNetwork? 

Women interested in changing the status quo! 

How do you use Memberstack?

Based in New Zealand, we use Memberstack to manage our members from around the world. 

Why did you decide to use Memberstack over other membership tools? 

We looked at the options and Memberstack had the best functionality, the best price bracket and is easy to use. 

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